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If you're trying to build muscle, Try to eat your carbs earlier in the day dinner should be just protein and veggies. no starches. It sounds like you're having waaaay too much protein, and your body doesn't know what to do with it.
You should only be having protein shakes/ Bars/ whatever if you cannot get to real food fast enough.

Having a snack between breakfast and lunch might be beneficial too because you shouldn't go more than 2-3 hours without eating (aside from your night's worth of sleep)

I would Mix it up a little with your meals whenever you can. make a chicken salad, or make a sandwich for lunch! there's tons of different things you can do with the same ingredients just more care and attention.

I would also recommend trying Greek Yogurt. it's high in protein and low in fat- very filling and is a good substitute for the protein shake you've been drinking right before you do Insanity.
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