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Yeah, Im new
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Hey everyone, I am new here and this is my first post! So I didnt even properly introduce myself but oh well, lol.

I did Medifast for about a month and a half and lost 35 lb. The weight seemed like it was just melting off. I had never done a meal replacemnt program before but I really liked it cause it was fast weight loss and it was easy!

I was going to go back on Medifast until I discovered Wonderslim. I actually found out about Wonderslim while searching for diets comparable to Medifast. I actually just got my very first shippment of Wonderslim today and plan to start on Monday. Medifast is really expensive, over $300 a month. I am going to use Wonderslim products but instead of using 7 WS products, Im only going to use 3 and have 3 fruit or vegetable snacks along with a lean and green dinner.

I guess you could say Im going to be following a sort of VLCD with the aid of WS products. So my weight loss should be great than the average 2-4 lbs per week. I will let everyone know how it goes - I think i will also be making a vLOG to show my progress.
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