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assuming your weight is what it is on your avatar there, then 2000 calories a day is about maintenance for you, or maybe even a little above.
My usual calorie limit is 1500-1600. Since I was stalled at that weight I decided to up it to 2000 the past week without changing my excerise or anything else. Just to see if maybe I can get things to move along as i've heard that it'll sometimes help. I kept the same weight even while increasing my intake by 3500 calories for the week. Last year on days when I did add up my calories I found that I could still maintain by eating 2500, although some days I would eat more, when I was holding steady at 212.

To the OP, did you track your calories those other times when you broke through your plateaus?
No I did not. I didn't start tracking calories everyday until I hit 200. The week I broke that number, after being there for 6-7 weeks when trying to lose, was christmas. And I didn't pay any attention. The few times I did track before hitting 200, I would add everything up at the end of the day just to get an estimate of how much I was eating. But never during any plateau's For my cardio excerises I do try and switch up the amount of every activity everyday. Say one day I'll be on the treadmill and i'll jog at a steady pace for 15-20 minuntes. The next day I may just walk while i'll spend alot of my energy working hard on another machine. I'll try and switch it up and add different machines and new excerises in though

Goal story/video/pictures:

Currently training for my first marathon on March 17th, 2013

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