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0730 Fruit tea to wake up with. Multi-vitamin. Anti-histamine. Joint mumbo jumbo pill.

0730 B - 4 tbsp muesli, tbsp low fat cottage cheese, tsp wheatgerm, skimmed milk. Coffee w skimmed milk.
*Have run out of full fat milk. Skimmed is just not the same in coffee.

1100 S - apple, 4 walnut halves, SF hot chocolate.
*I considered having 5 walnuts but thought that would slow down my progress. Good feeling.

1200 Small glass of full fat milk to take ibuprophen with.

1300 L - sardine al limone (this is a tin of sardines in olive oil with a slice of lemon), 3 oatcakes, salad (carrot, red pepper).
*At the time, I thought I could have just had two oatcakes perhaps. Later, I realised that I was too full to need a snack at 1530. I only felt hungry at 1700 and by that time it was almost time for tea (made by the SO so I wasn't near any food).

1330 SF hot chocolate

1800 T - lamb korma (made with yoghurt not cream), brown rice and peas.

All in all, a good day, if a little low on veg. I've realised that sometimes I eat very little wheat. Interesting as some people seem to be adversely affected by it.

See you tomorrow.
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