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I've read a lot of the old posts, and I've read tons of the stories on the website Rebecca mentioned (great, cause I could read journal entries from patients of the doctors my insurance will approve). The more I read, the more there is to consider. My biggest concern at first, was would my insurance company pay for it, and the short term health consequences (would I survive the surgery, and if so would I suffer any nasty complications soon after surgery). Monday I talk to my doctor, and see what the heart scan results were, and talk to my doctor about wls. I have decided to begin the process of getting approved by my insurance, and in the mean time working as hard as I can at drinking my water, staying on program (Weight Watchers) and exercising 3 times a week. From everything I've read, it will take several months before surgery is even an option, and to be a candidate for laproscopic surgery I probably will need to lose some weight before surgery. I've lost about 10 pounds in 5 weeks (haveing a loss each week, which I haven't been able to say in many years). For the most part, my family is supportive, but I'm having "mother" issues. My Mom has lost 55 lbs on Weight Watchers, and we've been going to meetings together. Once I begain considering wls, my Mom has become less supportive of my attempts at traditional dieting. If she could have her way, I'd be having surgery tomorrow morning. I've told her that it's going to take months to be approved, let alone have surgery, and that I've got to do what I can by traditional means in the meantime. This isn't sitting too well with her, and since I've begun considering wls, she's been less supportive of my losses at WW weigh-ins (I'm not sure why she reacts so negatively. I think she is afraid I'll decide against the surgery, and then drop out of WW). I know she isn't being unsupportive on purpose, but it's very frustrating to be very proud of a 2 - 3 lb weight loss, and have it pointed out that without wls it's going to take me 3 - 4 years to lose the weight. I'm trying to look at it as practice in life changes I will need whether or not I have the surgery, and I need the support wherever I can get it.
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