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HI Grace -- so glad you liked my blog! My enthusiasm has waned as this pinched nerve in my back is somewhat of a setback. I can't sit for very long over a computer typing!

I got my Pure Foods Box on Friday -- so exciting -- but I'm such a worry/perfectionist -- too much packaging, look at all this plastic that is not recyclable -- I have to keep telling myself weight and health FIRST!

Also, little miss negativity that I can be -- I counted calories for the day on the back of packages, 700-800 -- I was very uncharitable in my thoughts! "Sure anyone can lose weight that way!" Totally forgetting I wanted gluten free, no grocery shopping, just eat whats in front of me for two months - and I didn't order it with snacks.

Knowing that I swim and will need 1200 calories to lose weight -- I will add daily yogurt with or without 1/2 banana (and maybe 1/8 cup grapenuts depending on activity for the day) -- or apple and cheese stick -- almond butter on Ezikial bread -- or a Whey (Robbs) protein shake -- found a way to make one with raw almond butter, almond milk, water & ice that is REALLY good!

I tell you i've been walking more, sticking to more vegies -- very little salt, staying away from the popcorn at the movie theater, no going out to eat, stopping just before full, also I use butter or coconut or olive oil when I use a fat -- and my wedding ring is ready to drop off and a pair of jeans that 'just fit' could have been pulled straight off of me yesterday!!

small changes -- I almost feel undeserving -- my kids said, "mom, you've lost weight" and another person asked how -- I eat well, whole foods. Start walking, eat less - I don't know -- I'm just staying aware of my 'diet' of life.

So, I made my breakfast with a true skeptics lack of faith. Eggs, the vegie omelet -- has a foodie I'm thinking eggs! no one can make pre-cooked eggs taste good! Holy Cow was I surprised! I cooked in a small fry pan that was already seasoned with left-over coconut oil, put a lid on it on med-lo for about 4 minutes, threw the cheese on for another 1 minute, plated it and wha-la! I was totally shocked on how good it tasted.

A great start; I'm off to the races! Will do another weigh-in on Friday and see how far I've come. i'm almost afraid to as I've been going on how I feel and that scale can undermine that, but there has to be a measure for others to see if I'm going to blog about it.

I can't wait until you are back from your trip and we are both on the same page!
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