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Question Starving in the Mornings

I used to never eat breakfast before I started trying to lose weight (and wasn't all that hungry when I woke up), but I realized how important it is for me to eat breakfast or otherwise I'll fill up on junk at lunch. I've always been told that you should eat something within an hour or two of waking up to jump start your metabolism for the day. So I started eating breakfast early in the morning.

But lately, I have been waking up starving and I'm wondering if I'm getting too few calories or is it because my body/metabolism is adjusting to eating breakfast now? It seems to happen a lot the day after I workout the night before.

I put myself on a 1500 calorie/day allowance and I do get some late night cravings that I either curb with green tea & water or end up snacking on a light string cheese stick if I absolutely have to have something.

When I was on Jenny Craig a few years ago, they started me out on a 1700 calorie allowance and then gradually dropped it to 1500 and then 1200 and I seemed to do fine with that, so when I started trying to lose weight back in November I started with 1700 and only recently dropped it down to 1500 after a big binge during the holidays.

I'm 5'9" & currently 287.6 pounds (last I checked). My BMR is about 2120 from what I know and I try to burn at least 300-400 calories when I do cardio a couple times a week, but will burn about 500-600 on a good day with a one hour workout.

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