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Amanda, glad all is well, and glad you could get some cardio in too!

Midwife, is it a good sore? I love the good sore feeling.

My calories were 1370 yesterday. What? Who did that? I had mentally tallied earlier in the day and thought I would be around 1500 calories, thus should not have the chocolate vitatop I wanted but wasn't really hungry for. When I realized I miscalculated it was closer to bed time... oh well.

Thursday plan:
B - egg sandwich - light English muffin, 1 large egg, coffee w 1 T h&h
S - small grapefruit
L - lean deli ham + 1 slice provolone + 1/6 avocado on ww sandwich thin, large salad w 1T light dressing
S's as needed - 6 oz lowfat yogurt, 1 c. cherries
D - Chicken stew, baked cauliflower w bread crumb & parmesan topping, dessert - dark chocolate vitatop
E - 50 minutes stairmaster
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