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Happy almost Friday everyone!

TRICIA....Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look for the 30 minute ones. I'll post from the ER if something goes wrong By the way, I'm originally from Brooklyn too. East Flatbush baby.....

Kede...I do Walk Away The Pounds...It's not Zumba by any means or supper exciting but it was challenging enough to kickstart my weight loss but light enough to not kill me. I can't do jumping and running...I started at over 284 and just couldn't handle the jumping and running. I needed something that would work me out but not kill me. Walk Away the Pounds worked for me because I could choose to do 1., 2 or 3 miles.

Now that I'm more fit (I just bought clothes that weren't in the plus section...Yeah Me), I do more challenging Walk Away The Pounds DVDs (like the Walk and Jog and Walk Slim). I also do Tae Bo Cardio as well...Check you tube, it's there for free.

Welcome to my crazy life.....

A City Girl's Guide to Faith, Weight and Sanity

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