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Seashell our stats are the same lol. That's awesome because we've both come so far!! I just feel like I want the scale to move faster than it is!! I did that stupid HCG diet once and watched a pound a day fall off and now it's like anything other than that is a snails pace even though I know it's healthier! For me there isn't anyone in my family that's really overweight or was sick from it. I think I was the most overweight person in my family since I was actually in the obese range. I'm not sure anyone else is so that also was motivation when you're the biggest one!

makingthechanges, yes I agree with you!! I don't eat at fast food places anymore. I try to steer clear, but when I do it's at KFC where I know I can at least do grilled chicken with a veggie and mashed potatoes to splurge on those carbs lol. It's just eating out in general for me. I have to get in the habit of cooking a healthy meal. :-)

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