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Thanks! No, those are definitely not the things I've eaten to get to where I am thus far. However, for YEARS those are the things that I ate. I used to eat out for every meal and make midnight runs to the convenience store for soda, chips, and candy bars...every night. I would stop and get food on the way home and eat it really fast in the car on the way home so my husband wouldn't know and hide the trash. I was ashamed. At least now I can say that I have an issue with food and that I have to always stay on top of what I'm eating and be aware of every choice of food that I'm making.

Going from eating so badly to eating in a more healthy way is a huge change for me. I still have those old urges that want to come up and what I'm saying is that when I do slip I have to get right back on track because my obsession with food and eating can come on full force before I know it. That's why I love this site because I can come on here and tell everyone what I have an issue with and get support.

I don't think I'm in need of a reality check since I know that eating healthy foods, working out and always keeping tabs on my weight are the things necessary to not only achieve my goal but to one day maintain it! I have not been perfect in the least so far, but have become more conscious of my choices and know what it takes. I just, like most others on this site, need people to be accountable too and occasionally need some words of encouragement.

1 for every 10 lbs. lost!
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