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Default Monday

Hello all-

I have had a good day. I am hungry but that seems to be a continuous state for me.

Toy-there is no way that I was offended. Please advise me all you can. I want to lose this weight and keep it off this time. I have lost and gained so much in my life. It is very difficult when you have done this over and over.

The last gain and loss was 2 years ago at Christmas. This was a total stress loss-I went from Christmas to the next Thanksgiving and lost 60 lbs. I was hardly able to eat and had joined curves. Someday I will explain the stress but right now it is used as an example. I was not working and had time for Curves.

On thanksgiving the stress factor worked out and I got a job. Curves sold to someone else. I started eating, quit Curves cause I couldn't find time and began to join the office feed club. So within a year I gained 60 lbs back.

I gained it all back and here I am. I have had a good week.

I just read that article and it kinda bummed me out but I do know that I can never go back to "pigging out". That's just the plain and simple truth.

I have a treadmill and hope to add it to my schedule. There was one time I was really getting into it but once again. Quit. I had a spreadsheet going and graphs and everything.

Please keep updating and posting all-I look so forward to it. For those that are losing their post. Try putting it in a word or word pad document and save it first. Then cut and paste it here..........nothing like losing something you put so much into.
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