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Hi Everyone Well, this afternoon I taught a 'adult doggie obedience training session' & few people commented about 'crocus & hyacinth' shoots appearing in my flowerbed as they came inside, they typically shoot-up in March. What is happening to our northern winters

I'm going to cruise the web this week & hopefully read reviews from people who got 'really good' weight loss results using from practical, not gimicky diets & work-outs
If any of you all find/try something 'outstanding' please give us the scoop on it Weight Watchers was reported #1 last week, Dash Diet #2 & South Beach #3 as the 'Best Diets nation wide' w/o purchasing the Diet Food Meal programs like J.Craig, Nutrisystem, etc.

Carri, what is your fav site that you use for logging meals or inspiration?

Susie, do you live near or go to the Columbus Zoo in the winter? I love Jack Hannah & want to take the grandbabes there this summer.

Liz, what was the most helpful diet that you used while losing wt.?

Mandy, keep up the positive thinking & your body will make your thoughts become a reality

DrivenByAmbition, Join us whenever you can stop-in

2012 ~~~Think Smaller~~Eat Smaller~~Be Smaller~~~
Have a Great week girls, Dee
Thank you for your Prayers PLease share a funny video Dee. "I'm a Gummy Bear" song from the Gummy Bear movie. Also a Minnions that makes you LOL !

I have a Grandma brain
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