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Originally Posted by sacha View Post
I have worked 12 hour shifts as well (even 14+).

When you say "there's no time to spare..." then what are you doing? Are you going 12 hours without eating and then making a poor choice (ie. massive restaurant meal - which is common for shift workers)? Or are you going to the vending machine instead several times rather than go to the fridge, sit down, and eat?

I agree with you that shift work can lead to very unhealthy habits, I have seen it with my own eyes (especially those of us in emergency services who deal with overnights and high stress in general) but the truth is that millions of people do it and while it may be the reason we use to make poor choices, it isn't the shift work that causes our weight problems. It's the poor choices that do.

What are you doing currently to eat during work time?
There are day's that I don't get to eat for eight or nine hours, then when I do it's something quick to grab and unhealthy and usually as I'm out the door because I just want to get home at that point.

What I eat at home and during the day is simple stuff. Chicken, not breaded usually baked (unless oven doesn't work then it's onto the frying pan). Cottage cheese, fruits. I usually do eat pretty darn healthy on off days, its my work days and then when I get home that I completely crumble. I'm just afraid to leave for break and the girls / guys get slammed with people.
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