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Love the idea. I just joined 3FC, so here's my january commitment:

January's Goal's

Maintain 220 pounds for this month
Cook as per my weekly menu and not eat cookies/carbs when hungry
Drink 8 glasses of water everyday
Complete C25K W4

January's Workout:

Jan 06: bad start, had wine and cake, no exercise, embarassed
Jan 07: none, feel bad about the previous day
Jan 08: none, watched tv all day
Jan 09: none, depressed with my lifestyle
Jan 10: yoohoo, finally got a start. completed 60 minutes of stationary recumbent bike. at zero resistance today, hope to increase the resistance next time around.
Jan 11: Completed 30 minutes of C25K W4, slow and steady! Am treating myself to some spa this week
Jan 12: Break day
Jan 13: Did 25 minutes of low-impact cycling (stationary recumbent bike), 1-3 resistance
Jan 14: Completed 30 mins of treadmill, 1.25 miles, 0-2.5 resistance. Low and slow, but did it!
Jan 15: none, back ache
Jan 16: none, lower back ache getting worse, can hardly move, updated my goals to make them realistic, only half of the month remains
Jan 17: none, back ache
Jan 18: none, back ache
Jan 19: none, back ache
Jan 20: none, back ache
Jan 21: none, back ache
Jan 22: none, back ache
Jan 23: none, back ache
Jan 24: none, back ache
Jan 25: none, back ache
Jan 26: did 15 mins of slow cycling at incline 1. Something is better than nothing i guess. Trying to restart the exercise regime
Jan 27: none, back ache
Jan 28: none, back ache
Jan 29: none, back ache
Jan 30: none, back ache
Jan 31:


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