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Okey-doke. Yesterday was good, got in all my steps and I've been doing it at 6 when DH heads out for a walk. I dim the lights and put on soft music and that seems to make it more appealing. That's four consecutive days of yoga. I just logged my steps for the month, too, and averaged out to over 10,000 a day despite not getting my total every day.

I was hungry yesterday and had a stressful afternoon. Could see where it might go off the rails but pulled it back.

2 boiled eggs
1/2 grapefruit sprinkled with pomegranate seeds

Small bowl steel-cut oats with yogurt

turkey-veg soup, 1 p. flax bread with 1 T PB

1/2 c. tamari almonds (this was the thing that could have turned into a binge. Didn't intend to eat so many but still... could have been much worse.
Chicken-broccoli Alfredo, heavy on the broccoli.

1 small beer, 1 small glass red wine. (I haven't been having a drink most nights. I think that was probably the stress again.)

Dee, I love hearing about all your exercise! I do tai chi too, although I haven't in a while. I do Taoist style but would love to learn Yang. I don't have an elliptical at home but I like the one at the gym. I think I'd recommend it.

Susie, you are ON, girl! Let's see now... oh my! That's just a pound a week -- surely we can average out to that. And, of course, if we get serious, we can probably make our goal well ahead of schedule.

Liz, it's pretty obvious that you've made the adjustment to healthy, non-obsessive eating habits. That's where we're all aiming to go -- thanks for showing the way!

OK -- going to go put the laundry in the dryer and get to work. Let's make this a good one!

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