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This is divine, very healthy, amazingly filling and only 160cal!

Cooking apple
Porridge oats

(calorie count includes three teaspoons of sugar also that i add before I eat it)

First stew the fruit.

I mix one medium sized cooking apple to about 200g of blueberries but any fruit can be used. I add just about half a cup of water to the sliced, peeled cooking apple and simmer in a saucepan until the apple starts to break up. (About 10 minutes) Then add three desertspoons of honey (optional) and three teaspoons of cinnamon. Stir in. Then add the blueberries (frozen is fine) and simmer for another 5 minutes.

This makes enough for about four breakfast bowls. I keep it in the fridge.

For the porridge I add a half a cup of porridge oats to one cup of water. I simmer this in a saucepan until it thickens. I then add 6 desertspoons of the stewed fruit and mix. After 1 minute I take it off the heat and add it to a bowl to eat. I usually add three teaspoons of sugar to it then but that's optional of course.

I ate this first because it would be low calorie and healthy. I kept eating it because it was delicious! And filling! And very fast! Enjoy...
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