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Originally Posted by Shad View Post
So far Happy - it (the new year) looks bright and shiny. Long may it last.
I'm hoping it does too. 2011 was a year of incredible happy times, stressful moments and some downright - don't ever want to go there again - times. But it has ended on a wonderful note - here where we belong. It's snowing outside - big, light fluffy flakes thus proving true the tradition that if Christmas is dry, we get hammered at New Year's. Always a good thing I thought - keeps some people off the roads and at home safe and sound. I started the day off track and stayed that way - always 4 steps behind. I had picked up some nice ribs, a boneless ribeye roast, some shrimp and lobster tails all with the hopes of finding something special to make for our traditional New Year's Eve candlelight dinner. However by the time we got home from the store it was too late to make any of the nicer things and since we didn't want to be eating at 9pm, we had a light dinner of snacky stuff like cold cooked shrimp, cheese and crackers and some fruits and vegetables. It was nice. We watched some TV, kissed when the big ball dropped in Mel's town and I just went down and kissed DH again at midnight here and told him he could go to sleep now

Thanks for setting up the new thread Shad. I like the theme - I hope we all have lots to look forward to this year.

This year I would like to:
- deal with most of the packing boxes in the garages
- get more organized - I seem to be chasing my tail alot even though "I have all the time in the world now" NOT
- make some progress on the budgeting and weight loss front
- enjoy my new life here and get to some of the things I wanted to do when I finally had time
- finally switch my hours back around. I have shifted to my natural body clock of staying up really late and sleeping in. Even though it's still quite dark here at 7am, I think it's best if I get up earlier.

I think that's enough of a good start. to all - looking forward to another year of friendships. And with that, I bid you all a good night.
Why torture yourself, when life will do it for you? Be the best you can be today - be mindful with your choices. aa

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