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Originally Posted by loose seal View Post
You made the right decision, imo. If she were truly in dire straights money-wise (no money for any luxuries like nails or cell phone or what have you) then that might be a different story but from what you've written she isn't there. She has a broken car and mom pays for nearly all of it and now she's looking for someone else to pay the remaining bill? Where is she taking responsibility for her broken car, cause I'm not seeing that at all. If she has to sacrifice something in order to get her car back hopefully she'll learn some personal responsibility rather than relying on someone else to come to her rescue.

Many, many moons ago I was very young and dating Danny S. Danny had a cool mustang that something broke on and required fixing. I've always been a saver so when he needed $1,500 to fix his car I happily loaned it to him because I had the money. Yeah well of course we broke up and it took nearly a year of me badgering him to finally get my money back. For me it was a great lesson learned about lending money to people.
Exactly. All I can think is "dang, you don't have money to fix your car, but your nails are done and you've had McDonald's for lunch 3 times this week?"

I also loaned an ex boyfriend about 1200 dollars to get his car fixed because someone stole his headlights while he was parked on the street in Queens NY (why someone needed Acura headlights, I will never know LOL). We stopped talking and it took about a year for him to send me a money order in the mail so I can relate.

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