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Default What would you do (loaning friends and family money)

Let me start by saying that I am not rich. I am comfortable and have the means to do things and buy "wants" here and there for myself and my son.

While I enjoy helping and doing things for people here and there, I'm not comfortable when people ask me to borrow money - no matter who it is. I'd be more than happy to buy groceries, or pay a small necessary bill - but just letting money exchange hands - not exactly ideal. Well, OK, with the exception of my mom, dad and aunt who have never EVER asked me to loan them money - however, they have always done for me, so I don't think I would even loan them money, it would be given to them, no question.

I digress.

My boyfriends sister struggles ALOT. She asked us if she could borrow 150 dollars to get her car fixed. 150 is the remaining balance after her mom pays the first 400-500 for the work that needs to be done. My boyfriend doesn't have the extra money floating around to loan her so she asked me. I don't want to become the person who will loan money out to their family. They are not my responsibility (man that sounds selfish ). His sister is kind of frivolous for someone who struggles to pay rent and buy food. I mean, I understand she is struggling, but where is the money coming from that she uses to get her nails done every couple weeks. Now I know her car is truly messed up, so I'm not concerned that she will take the money and do something else with it (even so, if I did do this for her, I would go to the car place and pay them myself instead of pass around money).

I decided that I wouldn't loan her the money based on the fact that we're about to go on a mini-vacation (son, BF and I) to Universal Orlando and that is not a cheap trip between hotel, flight, park tickets, food....UGH. While I feel terrible saying no (based on upcoming trip mostly) I don't think I would have loaned her the money anyway.

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