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Originally Posted by ArtyKay View Post
It was almost 2 a.m. and nope. He wasn't drunk, he was dropping by on his way home from being out of town...he lives right down the street fom the SO.
Right across the street? So he can see when people come and go? Has a pretty good idea of when people (you) are there alone, with no back-up?


I don't agree w/your supervisor that the deputies shouldn't be told. But maybe when she talks to the Sheriff, he'll have a different opinion.

She's going to have a discussion with the Sheriff about it. There's nothing they can do, but we've agreed that there will be no more discussion about the incident, and that nobody is to say a word to the deputies or police, because that would definitely escalate into a big problem, and my husband and I don't need any added stress or attention right now.
I think this is just the wrong, wrong, wrong approach to take in this situation. Men and women behind the blue wall are generally VERY protective of their own, and you, my dear, are their family. If this guy is creeping you out, I think they should know--JUST to keep an eye on things and to KEEP the situation from escalating. Why is there nothing your immediate supervisor or Sheriff can do about it? Is it because you allowed him to come in?

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