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Originally Posted by 4myloves View Post
You're a dispatch, right--county, city, state? If he ever comes in again, radio for help AS SOON AS HE WALKS IN THE DOOR. One run-in with him is enough.
Yep. County/City/DPS. The good thing about my shift is that the office is closed to the public when I come in, so the doors are all locked (and bulletproof), and operated by a button behind the desk.

I talked to my immediate supervisor when she came in today...I tried to be calm about it but I couldn't keep my voice/whole body from shaking and my boss started crying a bit.

I just let her know what happened, that he got behind the counter and looked through our schedule and what he'd said. I told her that I felt like I needed to tell her that he looked at the schedule because that has the officers' schedules on it too...NOT ok for a private citizen to be looking at that stuff. And I told her that I just wanted her to know that if he came back on my shift I wouldn't be letting him through the doors and that I would immediately radio for backup...I felt the Sheriff should know that in case the issue comes up they know ahead of time what the situation could turn into.

She's going to have a discussion with the Sheriff about it. There's nothing they can do, but we've agreed that there will be no more discussion about the incident, and that nobody is to say a word to the deputies or police, because that would definitely escalate into a big problem, and my husband and I don't need any added stress or attention right now.

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