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I can't believe anyone would do that! How insensitive and cruel...he should not be allowed to deal with people ever!!

I don't think there's a witty comeback in the world that can combat that

I'm going to send lots of hugs and support your way...

Originally Posted by bargoo View Post
You must tell your supervisor of his visit. This should not be allowed.
I agree 100% This should not be allowed to happen

Unna - Maybe it's because I'm a New Yorker and we're generally known for our bluntness and rudeness, but I would have just sat down or moved her bag myself. I've actually done it quite a bit on the subway and LIRR when someone refused to move their bag. My rule is: ask nicely and if they aren't nice in return, I'm rude. no reason for an object to take up a seat on a crowded train!

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