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Oh my goodness! I haven't run across anyone SO terrible in ages. Definitely never ring him in again and I would even go so far as to tell someone higher up that he is a threat to the department, insofar as he is trying to bring out hostility where there should be a team.

I'm always tempted to try to explain people's motivations when they act so unethically. I think, first, he is obviously quite lonely and bored (thus the frequent visiting). Second, he probably has found that he receives much more attention from those around him if he says racey things - even if it is not positive attention. Third, he is trying to make alliances by creating false enemies. Maybe this has worked for him with a few other co-workers, but certainly not you.

Ultimately, he has a very low level of social intelligence (well, probably every form of intelligence) - clearly he cannot figure out how to make friends and also has no real censor for his words.

The good thing is, when people are SO inhumane, you can typically heal from any bad feelings they may have caused you to feel extremely quickly - after a few rants to others.

Like the other day, I got on the bus and wanted to sit down. The best seat that was open was next to another younger woman (25-30). There were other seats closer to the front, but I didn't want to sit there because I know the route and I know a lot of elderly women eventually get on - it is best for them to quickly be able to sit down.

I asked nicely if I could sit down, her purse was on the seat. She looked up at me and said "OH my purse is SO big, can't you just sit somewhere else?" She had some sort of huge fake gucci crap bag. I gave her an evil eye and just stood. I noticed that, about 5 minutes later, she had her bag on her lap because she was looking through it, trying to find something! She could easily put the bag in her lap - okay. End rant.

Such inconsiderate human behavior unleashes a great anger in us - when other humans exhibit such stupid behavior we feel heat and anger rise from our most inner being - and then heart races, chest warms, eyes squint.

Something about being entirely unintelligent AND incondsiderate TOGETHER is a lethal combination. It is actually the worst combination of qualities a human can possess and we can rejoice that we are fortunate enough to not share these qualities.

I'm hoping the planet that was recently discovered by NASA, the one that is supposedly more earth-like than the others, will soon be reachable - we can then gather these people together and send them there!

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