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Good morning ladies,

I only worked out for a short time this morning. I really wasn't in the mood. I started a P/T job on yesterday evening and it was rough on the body. Not the work, just standing for 3 1/2 hrs straight. I wasn't really tired when I got home, just my legs hurting but it was OK. My DH & I are on a financial mission right now and as much as I didn't want to get a P/T job it was needed.

Anyway, the eating plan is going well. I haven't been on the scale for a couple of weeks but I do feel a little lighter today. One good thing about this P/T job is by the time I got home last night I just wanted to go bed, food was the least thing on my mind. I do have to plan my meals better with this job. I was so rushed yesterday at work that I barely ate anything and then to go to work on an empty stomach really made me feel sick around 7:30 but I made it through.

The personal trainer days are over and it's time to put what I've learned into practice. Since I'm working evening now, the Body-for-Life exercise program will difinately be the best for me. Today, I could barely get through 35 minutes of cardio. I know I did on the wrong day but yesterday I did weight training & cardio with the personal trainer so I needed this day off. Well, my weekends will not be my owns, I'll alternate Sat & Sun off each week so well see how it goes.

Until later ladies, have a great day!
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