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Oh hun it is such a hard journey but it is SO WORTH it!

When the scale doesn't move it can be so frustrating and counting calories can be so frustrating as well. This is why I don't do it. You have an idea of what to eat and what not to eat, maybe go easy on yourself for a bit and eat the foods you have been eating and just listen to your body. Watch portion size instead. Stop eating when your satisfied. Maybe taking a bit of break from the logging will ease the pressure off a bit. I found it to be too much to log everything, so once I got a good idea of what to eat I just kept count before I put it in my mouth. You KNOW what to eat now right?

I'm also debating of chucking the scale. Seriously it's so frustrating when you lose sooooo slowly. Maybe you need to spice things up a bit? Maybe try a new exercise? Or try strength training. Something to ignite that spark again. When things become menontenous (sp?) it gets boring. I have to be stimulated and kept interested to keep on it.

You've been doing it for so long, I think you just need a change and not to be so hard on you. Ease up a bit, re evaluate your interests and what makes you happy, new exercise etc and go from there. It doesn't mean you have to give up you just have to tweak it a bit

ETA: There was a motivation saying on here that said "Obstacles are when your eye is off the goal"

every 5lbs lost

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