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Good Morning
Chick, me too. Lurking is about all I get done, too many things to do and so little time.
I have been back to lurking, you guys are so busy it is hard to keep up. So, I enjoy reading the goings on. the pictures of little Evie. She is adorable. I'm a sewer too, right now I'm collecting old jeans to make a blue jean quilt.
Carol Sue, I don't know how you found this information on my two bears so easily. I had the bears to a roadshow that was in the area, he thought they were worth a couple hundred each. I'm happy to see that value is twice that much. No, I don't want to sell them. As to removing some of the fat while having surgery, seriously.......ask him. Good luck
I'm so glad I could help. I did several Google searches, with the artist's name and "bears" "green bears" etc. Each time I would get a list of websites to try. Some of them had so much stuff on them that I could not find your item when I scrolled down. Then I got lucky with this one. Would you sell yours? Or are you just interested in knowing the value? And on the subject of tummy tucks, I keep asking the doctor to do one on me while he has me cut open. Just cut off a big glob of fat. How hard can that be? crack me up as usual! I'm going to try your apple thingie.
. My diabetic husband would eat dog poop if it was wrapped in apple anything.
KarenMo...hope Sissie is okay today.
Marie...I didn't know Explosion 18 was available, I'll have to check the library. I have the Vista on my computer, don't have too much trouble with it. Just irritating things like copy/paste...Have to go the long way around to do it.
Donna...good question to Red about what the Japanese think of Americans. I was wondering the same thing.
Red...what's the average temperature in Japan? Good job on not smoking.
Freda...Your tree sounds like mine! My most treasured ornaments are things DD made when she was small. I have a empty spool of thread wrapped in green felt and a pipe cleaner stuck thru it to hang it up. I get warm fuzzy feelings whenever I look at it. She made the worst shaped paper mache wreath that hangs on a door that's priceless.
I have some really beautiful, expensive ornaments right in there with the marshmallow men that the kids made, and one that my son made in kindergarden. Handpainted projects that they have done also. Makes it very interesting.
Zoe...will you and DH be staying in your home after you retire? We've been downsizing for the last 5 years. I've been selling lots of collectible 'stuff' on ebay. We only had one kid, Tiffany. She doesn't give a rats behind about collectibles, would probably sell all if it on a rummage sale for a buck or two. When Charlies gone, we'll get serious about selling our country home and move into town, condo or assisted living apartments. DH says no way but if we move, I'm only doing it once.
Speaking of moving, yesterday we had Danish Ebelskivers at my brothers house for his birthday. Both brothers and sisters were there. One sister said they've moved 36 times. We've only moved 5 times until we purchased this home we're living in now for a total of 6. I'm curious how many times you Golden Girls have moved since marriage/divorce/widowed?
Now I've goofed off enough, no big plans for today, maybe will start taking the blue jeans apart for the quilt.
Anyone I missed, sorry......I'm burning sunlight.
Rie...hope your dad is behaving himself.
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