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Okay who took our snow and replaced it with rain LOL!!!

Good morning everyone.. its drab out there so the lights are lit in the house and with it being toasty I'm loving it.. Had a Christmas dinner last night with my Aunt.. she is my favourite Aunt and it's so hard at times as her health is declining .. made the best food choices I could and not going to worry if it the scale goes up tomorrow.. today will water water water to flush the salt out.. that's what I notice the most.. today we are going to finish up the last of the decorating and later on I will head out to workout..

life4evr - I do WW online and I received an email last week telling me we would see our changes Dec 6th.. the only point drop I've heard is it goes from 29 to 26 dp.. other then that I've heard nothing so will wait and see what happens Tuesday .. I just figure if that's the case and I need the 29 will just take it out of my Wp or Ap..

Princess - sounds like you had a lovely evening with family.. that's the best part I always say.. I love when my kids go thru the tree ornaments and you hear the story connected to them.. Awesome about the work place and the stairs.. you get the glutes moving and grooving LOL.. woo hoo you will have a bootylicous hiney LOL

Banditt - glad to hear you're starting to feel better and I hope you had a lovely visit with your daughter.. With mine living in Calgary I miss her so much .. I was able to get the clothing you recommended and found it worked out wonderfully thank you again for the suggestion.. so your home is all set for the holidays how wonderful is that..

lots2go - another marathon .. wowzers and training it 2 weeks BEFORE Christmas.. that's amazing LOL.. I shiver about going out to the barn to use my treadmill and here you are outside in the elements.. hats off to you girl.. Awesome about the jeans it just makes your day doesn't it..

Terri - sounds like you are going to have a fun vacation away.. shorts in December means somewhere warm LOL I will be trying out Sushi on the 13th should be interesting..

Everyone else hello HAVE A WONDERFUL SUNDAY!!!
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