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WOW - Yall are all so great! Thank you so much for the advise. Ya know at the rate we are going..we could all just wait a bit and the rest of the world will catch up and we will be the "normal" ones.. lol -

I am going to do some searching tonight and decide exactly what I want to do. It really looks like WW is the way to go . All I know is that I have to do something. And you are all right it is a LIFE change. I am a memeber of Fit Figures (we like to refer to it as Fat Figures - at least I can joke about it...cause lord knows Im not going like I should) It is Curves in a nut shell. I am really down today.. and I know yall dont like whining, SO i am stopping.. Im getting upbeat. I am going to beat this... I dont know when but at least one week of my life - I WILL BE HEALTHY!!

Thanks again so much for all the time that yall took to respond..It truly makes me feel SO welcome. Thanks again.. and I will be getting in on one of those groups very soon.

Thanks Kara

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