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I'm frugal. Frozen veggies are generally cheaper (less waste for the store allows lower prices, plus they are pre-trimmed of all the stems and stuff and less wastage at home. I hate tossing fresh produce after it's wilted or liquefied, but that often happens when I buy it).

Frozen veggies are also often more nutritious bc the phytochemicals don't have much time to break down before they are frozen, often in a location that's not very far from where they are produced.

And I'm lazy and when I want something to eat I do not want to start the process of trimming some produce (yes, I also lack planning skills). So, I will pretty often pull a bag of baby brussels sprouts or asparagus or cauliflower or whatever out of the freeze, throw it in the microwave and come back in 5 minutes. Or toss them in a saucepan with a can of soup.

OK, no gourmet meals here, but it works for me.
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