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Originally Posted by Suzanne 3FC View Post
I wish we had more characters for the titles! I edited it a little, wish I had room for more but I think it gets the point across
I think the title looks good. I am book-marked straight into this thread, so when I looked on the 'general plans' index page, I was surprised to see it as long as it is, lol. But good job. I think you covered the most important things, especially the names since there is also a McDougall thread here too. And Pollan is a popular author. And Fuhrman was on pbs very recently. People who are familiar with the general program recognize the main names.

I ran out of fresh leafy greens last night and I've been under the weather with the flu and didn't want to go to the store today. So most of my veggies came from the freezer today. I don't feel complete without some fresh spinach, it's become such a habit! Even my strawberry banana smoothie tasted too sweet without the spinach.
I just went to costco and trader Joe's yesterday and my freezer and fridge are stuffed to the gills with veggies. It's amazing how many I go through. I also use lots of frozen ones. It's just so easy to pour already washed and cut out of a bag. I have a tendency to not eat as many raw veggies as I would like. Perhaps that's something to concentrate on the coming week. They are in the fridge waiting...

I've done fairly well today, except for lunch. I was in a rush for an appointment, didn't have anything fast to eat, was hungry, so just grabbed some salted cashews. Guess that's not really so bad, but my 'official' weekly weigh-in is tomorrow, and salt never helps. Oh well.
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