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Nice to see more people participating.

Thanks indiblue. I need to read the Pollan book I think. I don't want to be a vegan, nor even a vegetarian. I need to find my own happy medium. And I'll tweak it till I do. In the end I want to be able to flavor some my foods with meat, but not down chunks of it anymore. A good example would be something like a stirfry with lots and lots of veggies with a bit of chicken.

I think some of these authors - Fuhrman, McDougall - are offering solutions of last resort to people with major health problems who do not want to continue taking meds, nor have surgery. And it works for a great many if you read the success stories. My guess is doing it less than 100% will still yield extremely good results. Less than perfection is what I am aiming for. Right now, I'd guess I follow the guidelines most days around 80%.

What I do know is I'm eating more vegetables than I ever dreamed, and feeling great. And losing weight without pain - either physical or emotional. I feel satisfied and not deprived.

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