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Do any of you anticipate problems at work with your requested time off? I'm entitled to up to 12 weeks family leave, and I want to take six. Well, the new publisher is trying to say that my plan of taking my weeks unpaid is not going to work, and that I have to take all of my vacation and sick time first.

That's not what's in the says people on family leave MAY choose to take vacation and sick time before going unpaid, but that sick leave people MUST take it. Since I'd be taking family leave, I fall under the MAY category.

So now I'm stressing out about what the heck is going on with my time off in the spring. And like Amanda, I'm also a key employee. They are literally talking hiring a full-time person to replace me for six weeks.

And on top of that, DH is whining about his job now. He hates it, but won't give it up for a job with less money. He makes GOOD money for what he does, and will never find a job making as much with the same circumstances (being home every night) that he has now. So he's taking it out on me and driving me INSANE complaining and doing nothing about anything.

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