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Oh no, I'll definitely be back. I am just considered "key personnel" in that there is no one else who does my job, so I know me being out for 6 weeks full time and another 2 weeks part time (which is what I'm requesting) is going to be rough. I work from home, which will help in letting me get back sooner.

Originally I had hoped to time my work announcements to be after performance reviews (I have no reason to believe that my workplace would in any way change my review on the basis of me being pregnant, I just think it's good to be prudent if you can, since you never know if people will have subconscious reactions that change their perception of you), but the reviews moved out to Jan/Feb which is really too late.

I'm sort of shy/nervous about telling people in general. We went out to lunch with friends on Sunday, and I got all blushy and weird telling THEM. Our conception does raise some unique questions, and talking about the donor/process I'm fine with, but the questions are I'm not good at being the center of attention or making big announcements (I felt the same way at my bridal shower and wedding).

In fact, one of the things I REALLY am not looking forward to is telling my grandpa and his girlfriend...not because they aren't supportive (they were both at my wedding and love my wife, that part isn't an issue), but because they both (Lyn particularly) have memory problems that mean I will have to tell them over and over and over again once I start showing more than I can hide. Lyn has forgotten that Sarah and I are married, and often asks if she can set me up with her sons, so I have a feeling it's definitely going to be interesting.
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