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Originally Posted by Unna View Post
Someone dear to me used to tell me (when I was an overweight teen) that weight loss was also very psychological. The more you yourself believed that it was happening, the more weight would come off.

I really can't remember his exact words.

Anyway, Must our personalities become skinny first for our bodies follow? I'm not talking about instilling new habits, of course that happens. I'm talking about entering a different frame of mind.

If we dredge around all day, believing that what we are doing is not working, does that mean the scale will barely budge?

This isn't about changing habits. Its more of a frame of mind.

I'm not a *hocus pocus* type person, but how much have you found this to be true, if at all?
I believe this is very true but until I read this wasn't sure what the changes was I am going through were about. It has happened and is still happening the way you have mentioned. Thanks for sharing. I would like to share your knowledge with others also.
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