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I believe that frame of mind does have a strong impact, but this "dream it - be it" mindset is often taken to ridiculous extremes and is used to "blame the victim." If you're not succeeding, or not succeeding at an acceptable pace, despite obvious great effort - you're somehow at fault, for not believing enough to make it happen.

I don't believe that you can believe yourself thin. Having the wrong mindset can't keep you from losing weight, if you've made the behavior changes necessary.

In fact, I can attest to that for myself. Before I started "this" weight loss attempt, I wasn't confident in my ability to lose weight. In fact, I was convinced that long-term weight loss wasn't possible for me - but I decided that I was going to work at making healthy lifestyle changes, and would commit to those changes even if no weight loss resulted. Eventually, I started losing weight as a result of those changes, to my great surprise.

In many ways, I have succeeded "despite myself." My lack of faith probably did influence how much effort I was willing to put into these changes, so no doubt my success would have been speedier if I had been more confident in my ability - but my lack of confidence did not prevent me from losing weight.

I think we put too much emphasis on "mindset" when it comes to weight loss. You don't have to be "ready" for weight loss, you just have to be "ready" to make some changes and be willing to see what hapens.

Stress can slow weight loss (but it's not magic - stress releases hormones that can slow metabolism), so pessimism can have an effect, but the effect is limited. You can't prevent starvation by believing you don't need food, and you can't prevent weight loss with thoughts either.

"Mind over matter," is extremely limited. Behavior is the more salient factor. If your mindset reinforces the behavior, all the better - but you don't have to wait for the perfect mindset in order to make changes and succeed at them.
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