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Originally Posted by bronzeager View Post
Oh Lord, don't get me started. Although I wouldn't mind hearing from any other 40+ ladies (I'm 43) as to whether it is normal to get sore seemingly FOREVER when trying to advance at all in an exercise program. I am doing the 100 pushups challenge and I can't make any progress past the 4th week because after a certain number of pushups my shoulders won't work any more, and I have to rest three days -- and then start the week over again. Same thing with my Jillian 30 DS workout and the C25k program. It's not as if I'm being too hard core about it -- I do them every other day in alternation with my elliptical.
I'm 54 soon to be 55, I've been working out regularly since I'm 28 , through my 2 pregnancies then right back at it after a couple of weeks of rest... I run, bike, rollerblade, I weight train heavy and I love the feeling of soreness... Ok, I digress , so my point for bronzeager is that maybe your angle for the push ups are off and causing your sore shoulder or that other muscles are underdeveloped causing pull on the ligaments of the shoulders... This happened to me a couple of years ago I was overtraining my chest and in turn screwing up my shoulder... My physio therapist gave me some treatments then showed me some exercises to target a certain muscle in the back, can't remember the name sorry... But now when I feel my shoulder pain coming back I just do those exercises and it goes away...

I do love being sore though, I recently started a Group Power class, which is strictly weights to good heart pounding music, and I LOVE it, every time I do it I get sore ....
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