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Originally Posted by Thighs Be Gone View Post
Also one other thought-sure, I get wanting to be thin. But thin OR fat isnt attractive if you arent healthy!
*winces* I get what you're trying to say here, but that's not the best way of phrasing it! You accidentally just told all of us who are "unhealthy" (medical conditions, disabled, whatever) that we're not attractive. Assuming that what you really meant is that health should take priority over feeling attractive, I absolutely agree.

Banananutmuffin, it's entirely possible that you're getting more exercise from running around after your kids, and maybe even eating less for the same reason (less time for boredom snacking, say), but I'd go with your instinct on this one. You have a couple of medical conditions lurking, you've missed a follow-up blood test, from a few of your posts it sounds like your mood is low, and most of all you're concerned enough about it to be posting here, so yep, it's a good time to check in with a doctor. Do you feel OK about doing that? Do you have a decent GP and a good relationship with her or him? Are you comfortable talking to doctors, and will it be a problem financially?
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