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Hi All,
Wow, we're hopping! To Jar and Taylor, glad you're feeling better and are almost well.
To Lots2go, many of us have stopped WW for awhile, but we're such good friends for each other that we keep on posting here. Please stay with us. We love you and your energy. Yay on your exercise. Keep up the good work. You sound busy, so post when you can.

Terri, I bet the booty camp with your friends would be a great way to knock off some weight. and I hope you can get a nice group together.

Bandit, weekends are tough, so each time we choose a better food or no food over extravagances we're succesful. I don't remember anyone telling us we had to be perfect. I know sometimes I'd rather do *well* because the extra food isn't as satisfying as making great choices. I'm sending : to a very busy gal!

Princess, nice to have a lesiurely day. Glad you enjoyed it.

Jar, I'd say you've got a lemon of a stove. And it sounds dangerous. Yes, make them replace it. Good for you.

Hi to Cherry and Life4evr and Sea Biscuit and Lauren, hope you're all doing fine and staying OP.

Yesterday was a really busy day again for me and today hasn't been any slower. I always know that the calendar year from 9/1 to 1/1 is super busy and loaded with food challenges. I need to lose this weight and that's why I'm trying so hard. Both days have been good. I'm weighing in a day early tomorrow since it's my dh's official and I'm taking him out for dinner. It should be fun, but my JC WI couldn't be good after that. I'll still WI at WW and probably be up, but I can handle that. Very confusing, I know, but I want to stay with JC *if* I can continue to lose weight. wish me luck!

Gotta run, best wishes to all of us. Let's make this another super week on The Biggest Losers! We can do this. We are doing this.

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