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hi everyone!!!! It's a football day here!! Yay...GO STEELERS!!!!! The flag is up and our jersey's are on!

Brrrrr, it was a chilly one here today too!'s suppose to be about 58 and sunny!

I have that coughing and chest/sinus stuff going on too! Urgh!

Got up in the attic this morning and "unpacked" all the spare blankets, washed them and have them drying outside! Mmmmm, they are going to smell so good! I should be working on crochet's just one of those lazy days!

Oh...I do have applesauce cooking in the crock-pot and I made that WW recipe for Caramel Apple Dessert this morning. (went to Farmers Market & bought local apples after work yesterday). Last night I made Instant Pumpkin Pudding and poured some into those mini keebler graham cracker shells for Bob & Kaitlin. I just poured mine into a dessert dish! Yum! We are having "breakfast" for "dinner" tonight! My family wanted pancakes & sausage!

We bought & gutted a house over the summer. We moved in the end of August. We had bought all new kenmore range has had to have 3 service calls ALREADY!!!! urgh! We are having them back out on Tuesday and we are going to insist that they replace it!!!!!!! The first time was a malfunction from production. 2 wires were crunched together and started a fire in the front burner and burned itself out. also burned out the heating element. They fixed it! 2nd time it kept tripping the breaker when I tried to self clean it. 3rd time - it has a spark ball flying out of the back when you plug it in. Soooooo...what do you think.....LEMON? ugggg!

Well I gotta run! Have a great and healthy sunday!


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