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Hi Everyone,

The students in this course are MUCH LESS “talkative” than my students at Univ of Phoenix. VERY few posts to answer today.

I went to the Dr. about the esophageal spasms (had a pretty severe bout in the middle of the night on Friday). He recommends that I get the head of my bed raised a little. When my SIL’s back gets better, I will ask him about that.

I am VERY HAPPY about my gym workout today. Before the half-marathon, I was up to 3.8 mph. After all the illnesses, I was doing between 3 and 3.5 mph. Today I held 3.6 mph for 45 minutes!

Have a great rest of your Wednesday,


Originally Posted by Riemontana View Post
I didn't have any candy yesterday because I found out that I am all out of my dark rich chocolate and I didn't want to compromise. I must get to the store!
Marie, good luck darlin and I hope that things go well. Sometimes I am facinated by the fact that adult children can be so hard to deal with. I always tell people who are frustrated with their recalcitrant toddlers that they will look back fondly on this time....
Hi Rie,

I LOVE dark chocolate. However, I buy it ONLY when I can get a single little square. If I buy a whole bar, I will eat it in one day! I have absolutely NO will power.

When I was pregnant (almost 50 years ago), a woman who worked with me said that parenting could be summed up in one phrase – “little children little problems; big children big problems.” At the time, I thought she was VERY cynical. I now agree.

Originally Posted by lynard21 View Post
Have been having some stressful family issues. Youngest DD has severe bi-polar condition and is not doing well. She moved out of NYC, (which is actually a relief), and we have set her up in an apt house we still own near Rochester. Went to help her settle in Columbus weekend (an 8 hour trip one-way), and she would not even speak to us. Ended up in an emergency psych ward for 3 days. we went back home, and 2 weeks later she's back in the hospital. (A different one). Though she was originally diagnosed when she was 17 (11 years ago), she is now refusing to believe she has this condition and will not take the medication that is being recommended. We are sad and frustrated, but really can not do much more to help her until she agrees to help herself. So sad as she is a very talented writer and actress, but the illness makes her delusional and psychotic.
Hi Lyn,

I am SO SORRY to read about your DD. The more we get to know each other, the more we realize that each of us has her own problems to cope with. I have always pictured your life as idyllic with you and your DH madly in love and spending most of your time enjoying the beauty and peace of nature. Hopefully, your DD will get better and take her meds and you can get back to more peaceful times.

Originally Posted by akrosey49 View Post
well today was certainly was very windy and i just knew we would have a power outage. and we did. thankfully it only lasted 2 hrs. in the past its has been several days. i was abit un-nerved as im alone and when the powers off,no phone. what did folks do in bygone yrs? persevered and rolled with it i suppose.
Hi Rosey,

Glad your power outage was short-lived. My DD and SIL have made their plane reservations for Alaska in February. They are planning to go to something called “fur rondy. “ This will be their 3rd trip to your state. They LOVE it.

Originally Posted by maryea View Post
We arrived home today from a couple nights at the WA coast. It was quiet and relaxing ...all we did is walk the beach, and go out to eat (lunch), otherwise just stayed in the condo relaxing. We almost cancelled and I am glad we didn't. I love the ocean. I didn't really watch my eating that closely
I'm looking forward to the gym tomorrow.
Hi Mary,

Glad to hear you had a nice time in WA. Don’t worry about the eating – you will lose that in no time when you start at the gym.

Originally Posted by Mom2TCS View Post
I've maintained my very slow but consistent weight loss trend and broke into the 150s last week!
Starting this past Saturday, I decided to start walking again -- I've wanted to, just haven't figured out how time-wise. I didn't have to work this weekend, so I went out Saturday and again on Sunday for 3.5 miles each time.
One of my jobs is working at the school at lunchtime and watching over the kindergarteners, who say the cutest things! I thought I'd share a few -
Hi Mom,

CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss and the exercise! I aM dOiNg ThE hApPy DaNcE for you!

I LOVE the kid quotes – keep em coming.

Originally Posted by Pamb View Post
I joined here quite a while ago, used to post in the other 50+ thread. I am getting started over at my weight loss journey, tired of being sick and tired!
I am committing to checking in here at least every other day.
Hi Pam,

I am so GLAD you decided to join us. Let us know how we can help you. This is thread has a bunch of wonderful women who support each other. You will love it here.

Originally Posted by the slim me View Post
Lynn, we gets lots of patients sent to rehab my their doctors to get them stronger for surgery. Another good reason to exercise.
Hi Freda,

Before my hip surgery, the Dr. gave me exercises. I did them religiously and after the surgery, I knew why he had given them to me. I really needed those stomach muscle exercises. I am convinced that bc of the exercises, I recovered so quickly from the surgery.

Originally Posted by Bobbolink View Post
Lynn...stop having so much fun! The last movie I went to was "The Passion" (of Christ). Before that was Pretty Woman and that was eons ago.
Hi Bobbi,

You are such a bundle of contradictions! The Passion of Christ and Pretty Woman! When I worked at the local college (a college of agriculture), Mel Gibson and company came to our college to film the sci fi film he did about the UFO aliens. He was so NASTY to our students that I have never watched another movie that he is in.

Originally Posted by Marie View Post
Lynn, you are so right about trying to mend the fences. I know I will not just pretend it didn't happen. I won't do that anymore (used up grace blanket forgiveness) but I will find a way to work it out.
Yesterday was not a grand day. Bambi with a death wish decided to run full speed in front of my Jeep.
Hi Marie,

I will keep my fingers crossed for you to work out the issues with your DIL. Sorry about the brush with Bambi. We also have MANY suicidal deer here in PA.

Originally Posted by jess1 View Post

Lynn – has your class roster increased? Will they even continue the class, if just one signs up? Which topic, this time?
The anti-inflammation book hasn’t arrived yet… maybe this week? I’m anxious to read it.
Hi Donna,

I have 9 students in this course. I think that this college has a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 15 for their Graduate courses. This one is Human Development Theory and Application to Educational Leadership.

When you get the book, I want to hear about the diet. I am still cut back to 1 celebrex a day and am feeling MUCH more achey.
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