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Gayle, its impossible to say no to the little grandkids when they look at you so adoringly. we all know they'll all become teenagers and ignore us so you made the right choice to go when Maddie wanted you to go with her. Glad you get to do the Y membership. During the week is hard to go for a bike ride when the sun thinks it should set so early. Next week it will be even worse. So we'll go after work in the summer. For now, tandem rides on the weekends.

Donna, my trick with the candy is to buy peanut something so I won't eat it. Like Gayle said, "pain in a bag" my case is "death in a bag". If I was allergic, there are candies I don't like so I'd buy those.

Lynn, you are so right about trying to mend the fences. I know I will not just pretend it didn't happen. I won't do that anymore (used up grace blanket forgiveness) but I will find a way to work it out.

Carol Sue, that is very sad about your mother and you. Tolerance is needed in all relationship. Doesn't sound like your mom had much. I hope your heart is strong enough for your December surgery. You have had a tough year!

Zoe, be safe on your trip. I can see you packing the closet for an adventure because you never know when something unexpected comes up.

KarenFL, I think the not calling back is a good plan with the cleaners. And what in the world would she put on the floor that turns feet orange? Very strange.

Bobbi, wow on your MIL! My son has been a liar since he learned to talk. Hence the ongoing problem. He's a born again Christian and says he can't stand lying. However, we know how true that is. If they won't be honest, they I will give up. I think there is hope though. BTW, love "fire those thieves".

KarenMO, interesting Sissy doesn't like kids or others after being a puppy mill baby for so long. Sasha was as well (saved her own life - some day I should write about her courage). Anyway, she is the sweetest of my dogs with others, especially with my granddaughter (baby). She adores DGD.

Wow Donna Marie, that is one AWESOME costume you and your son created.

Rosey, I bet the look on your friend's face was priceless when he brought your mail.

Rie, I totally hear you on not compromising for milk chocolate when dark chocolate exists. In my old days I'd eat whatever and really only treasuring the dark chocolate. Finally I have grown up and learned to say no.

Lynard, {{{hugs}}} to you. You are doing everything you can for a person that isn't ready to help herself. I'm sorry you're going through this.

Mary, glad you're safely home and that you had a good trip. Very cool about the collar bones. My only goal with DIL is to explain that I don't want my son between her and I. That if she's mad at me, to tell me so we can work it out. She brings it to my son and he comes to me. I can't defend myself and nothing is worked out. That's where I'm hoping we can get some honest communication going between us.

Darcy, glad to hear from you. Congratulations for breaking through a tough barrier with your weight. You're doing great.

Pam, welcome aboard. Both knees need to be replaced? OW!!! Water aerobics is fun. Definitely give it a try.

Freda, an adult 40 yo out trick or treating? I'd be ok with that if it was a Downs adult (or in that vain) but I'm thinking not so much with a "functional" adult. To funny that your sister thought you were deformed for having collarbones.

I finally made it to the ends of the posts. Yesterday I started and finally copied the personals into my email and mailed them to work so I could finish here. I'm not good at keeping my thoughts to myself so I always like to comment. Yesterday was not a grand day. Bambi with a death wish decided to run full speed in front of my Jeep. He did a bit of damage but DH is fixing it. So today I drove DH's Durango. The deductible is $500 and DH can do the work himself and their won't be a claim against our policy. I am going to look into a $0 deductible like my co-worker has. I'd rather pay monthly than have a kamikaze bambi keep taking on my Jeep. It is the second one this year. I think my no hunting attitude is starting to change. There's such an over population where I live that I'm starting to change my attitude. Where Bambi died, there are two others withing 25 yards. On the 3.5 miles of road there are 5 as of this morning. Good part is I didn't eat my way out of my frustration yesterday. Stayed on plan and exercised like normal. Today, no bambi sightings on the way to work so that was good. DH did suggest we buy the Jeep a monster bumper. BTW, if I hadn't slammed on the brake, I would have hit him more squarely and not damaged my vehicle. Stupid me hitting the brakes when something flies out in front of me. Anyway, the bumper is on my Christmas wish list. Other than damage to my Jeep yesterday, it was a good day. Now I need to work. The piles of work never stop.
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