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Originally Posted by Maile View Post
Woolberger.. I ordered online as well. Stores seem to carry all of the flavors in sugar syrups, not sf.

Bc. How lucky for you to stay at someone's house. That is how I can go to Hawaii. I stay with my family! Here's to enjoying the beach in swimsuits now that we are thinner!

2riderollercoaster..I have coffee in the morning. I like that kick on energy also in the mornings. I liked your idea of freezing the yogurt. It will be waiting for you when you hit Phase 3. That was quite a parade of 5 of you going for an early morning walk the other morning!
I am lucky we have a place called "The Grocery People" and they have quite a selection of syrups... I have about 5 bottles on the go right now... Black Cherry (good with choc pudding shakes), Dolce, Eggnog, Peanut Butter (I mix this with the WF peanut butter better flavor), Peach, Irish Cream, and cinnamon... wait that is more than 6 as I finished off the cinnamon today. I make chai tea and and the eggnog and the cinnamon... oh so good. and if anyone had the Starbucks cinnamon dolce latte... my fave, I have that as well...

Yes my cats don't make it around the block but are sitting on my doorstep when I get back from the walk... Now that they are older they are not as adventurous... they use to always follow us for our whole walk until the magpies and crows started dive bombing them.

Congrats on the breakfasts, I can taste my peanut butter toast already... but if I continue to lose I will be in phase 2 for a while more... will see what monday brings.

Have a great weekend all. I think I will be helping a friend house hunt. I think she got an offer on her condo yesterday and the move out time is like the beginning of Nov or mid Nov so she doesn't have a lot of time... and they were saying the bad "S" word today for tomorrow... as it will be down to -5c overnight... yuck. really have to look for winter coats this weekend too.
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