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hey everybody... hope everyone had an awesome day and some movements on the scale... today I got up late so didn't get my treadmill date in.. worked late so no way I'm in the mood now so guessing it's a rest day LOL... totally into my TOM so tomorrows challenge WI will likely be not what I want to see... I'm mentally trying to prep for that and thinking my official WI on Monday might be better .. hahaha it's all a mind game some days... I tried a new recipe: Pumpkin Gratin with Crispy Rosemary-Parmesan Topping... it's a WW recipe and it was pretty good..

Itryharder - thanks for changing us into a new slot .. woo hoo for us.. Glad you got onto your :tread even after a little bump in the road with the chips.. stripping wallpaper should be some good AP I would thing tooo maybe work enough up to change them in for your Halloween party?

Princess I bet you had fun with your grandbaby today.. How did you make out with your pitch in party and your WI?.. whatever your scale said you got moving and grooving this week and that's an awesome thing!!

Jar - I could smell those cookies from here LOL.. good idea to send them out with your hubby... have you made the WW 1 point chocolate muffin... I sometimes like to have 2 of those in the afternoon with my coffee.. or I know Target has the fiber1 90 calorie peanut butter bars that are 2pts and pretty good... I've been to Cranberry in Pittsburgh are you anywhere near that?

Banditt - how was your party.. did your costume go over with as much fun as it sounded.. yes it was a relief with my sons tests and I've also heard about the kids as well as adults using this energy drinks as mixers... I've tried to be very open with discussions with my kids about what can happen as they attend schools and luckily he has 3 older siblings that have also gave him a heads up of what to be careful of.. so I pray that it continues..

CherryAutumn hope you and your family are on the mend..

Terri - how goes it with you?

Lots2go are you still training outside as this cold weather moves in?

for me this weekend I work on Saturday then maybe a date night with my dh if the rain continues to keep him out of the fields and then Sunday we have a dedication service for my Uncle/Godfather who passed away last year.. he was very much involved with his church and they've apparently created something to honour him so that will be interesting to see..

have a good evening turtles!!
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