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Originally Posted by bigpassport View Post
Wow. So much activity here. As to the annual reboot, I got the impression it was more to reset your pancreas again than it was for weight loss. I plan to do it in January (even though we've only been in maintenance a couple of months), and each subsequent January. For those of you nervous about fun days, just trust in and follow the strict Phase 1 day afterward. It really is a miracle. We have pretty regularly now started our fun day on Friday night and continue through Saturday night. Sunday is Phase 1. And Monday my weight is fine. I went 5 lbs below goal in Phase 3 to have a cushion, and since I've been on Phase 4 I haven't even gone up to my goal yet. I have been experimenting with being a little more relaxed about tiny cheats throughout the week. Even though the scale isn't really reflecting a difference, I feel much better emotionally if I stay disciplined through the week and let myself enjoy my extended cheat/fun day on the weekend.

My new lunch find...packaged chinese chicken salad from Sam's Club. It has two packets of chicken, dressing, peanuts and crispy noodles. I chop up my own romaine, use one packet of chicken, and not even a half a packet of the dressing, peanuts and crispy noodles. If I were disciplined about stretching it, I could easily make 4 lunch salads from it by adding extra chicken. It's pretty tasty and convenient.
I have to totally agree with you about the being disciplined during the week thing. It does make the cheat day all the sweeter and it really helps with keeping my focus. My cheat days tend to be pretty gung ho because I've spent all week wanting this or that and telling myself I can have it on my cheat day. Which I usually do. But hey, better one day a week than seven, right? Kept thinking on my last cheat day that more often than not, that would have been a pretty regular day for me a year ago. Yikes. I'm probably even better on my cheat days because at least I'm conscious to still order skim etc- saving calories where they don't really matter anyway... which I would not have done before. Very thankful to be 'awake' now and conscientious of how what I eat and drink affects me and my body...
I'm waffling a bit about joining you guys on the reboot. What you say about making this the first annual January reboot makes sense to me... but... my bday's in January and we're going away to Hawaii in February. There's about 4 weeks in between these dates. That would only leave enough time for one week each of Phase 1 & 2 then the proper 2 weeks of phase 3... can I still tag along? It's always more fun when everyone's in
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