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Wow. So much activity here. As to the annual reboot, I got the impression it was more to reset your pancreas again than it was for weight loss. I plan to do it in January (even though we've only been in maintenance a couple of months), and each subsequent January. For those of you nervous about fun days, just trust in and follow the strict Phase 1 day afterward. It really is a miracle. We have pretty regularly now started our fun day on Friday night and continue through Saturday night. Sunday is Phase 1. And Monday my weight is fine. I went 5 lbs below goal in Phase 3 to have a cushion, and since I've been on Phase 4 I haven't even gone up to my goal yet. I have been experimenting with being a little more relaxed about tiny cheats throughout the week. Even though the scale isn't really reflecting a difference, I feel much better emotionally if I stay disciplined through the week and let myself enjoy my extended cheat/fun day on the weekend.

My new lunch find...packaged chinese chicken salad from Sam's Club. It has two packets of chicken, dressing, peanuts and crispy noodles. I chop up my own romaine, use one packet of chicken, and not even a half a packet of the dressing, peanuts and crispy noodles. If I were disciplined about stretching it, I could easily make 4 lunch salads from it by adding extra chicken. It's pretty tasty and convenient.

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