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I am a WW lifetime member currently not at goal weight. Personally I follow a combination of a variety of approaches. I don't find that for me any one program works best. So, I combine approaches.

I do record both PP at WW etools and record calories at livestrong. For awhile I recorded both Momentum Points and PP but found that for my style of eating if I was within my Momentum Points I was within my PP (not a big fruit eater here) so I eventually quit recording Momentum Points.

I don't feel that I have to necessarily meet my PP for the day. I have days that I eat less and days that I eat more. I generally find that I do best if I only eat about 20 of my weekly points. I also don't follow all the GHG all the time. I eat nuts as a primary snack and feel this is a fine substitute for the healthy oils that WW calls for in the GHG. I also think that full fat cheese will meet the milk serving guidelines just fine.

I also have been eating lower carb for about 4 months. Again, I don't find any one plan that I follow. I basically follow a combination of Atkins/South Beach. At this point I generally eat between 1100 and 1200 calories a day and work to keep net carbs below 80 grams a day. I do have a couple of days a week that I eat more calories and more carbs which is when I usually eat most of those 20 WP.

I am a monthly pass member and do go to meetings most weeks. I find that it works best for me to have the accountability of the weekly weigh in and the meeting keeps me focused on weight loss.

I am not here to be a cheerleader for PP. I think that people should use whatever program works best for them. For me, personally, I ate the same on PP and on Momentum (at least until I went low carb). In general, I like the idea of PP using fat, fiber, carbs and protein to determine the point content of food. I feel that is better than the old way of determining points. On the other hand, I think it was a mistake to make fruit 0 points and I think the minimum points for PP are too low. I'm still 20 pounds away from being back to goal and I've been at the minimum 29 points for a long time which just seems ridiculous.

I think that following momentum is fine if it works better. (In my heart, I still think the best WW plans were exchange plans which was what I followed when I got to goal).
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