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My dd is overweight. It has been that way for awhile. No matter what I do it seems she keeps gaining. We don't have junk food in the house, we rarely go to fast food restaurants, hardly any sweets, and healthy snacks (fruits and veggies). I also usually cook our meals at home every night. I limit starches in those meals. I am not going to not let her have cake when she goes to a birthday party (those are few and far between). She takes her own lunch to school much of the time. I can monitor what she eats that way. I have also talked to her pediatrician about the weight and he tells me I am doing everything right. My problem is snack at school. Sometimes kids bring in cookies and such and I cannot control that. I know that is not the only factor. We also ride bikes for a couple miles a few times a week. She loves to play basketball and would rather be playing outside than inside. Cold weather is coming here so those things may be limited and we will have to find something different. So should my dd be taken away even though I am trying to control her weight gain?

1st goal: 140
2nd goal: 130
Final goal:120

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