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If you are using the etools or calculator, you are following PP and are in the wrong place. This is why I have almost given up posting here, the PP advocates feel compelled to come here and tell us we are wrong. Isn't there enough other places for those following the current WW program to post?

I have been back on Momentum for months and am doing just okay--but that is because I am not tracking real close. Lots of upheavals in my life, including having to drop WW meetings because I can no longer afford it (spouse laid off after 30 years with the company). My business is not doing well, hanging on by the skin of my teeth.

So when I come to the MOMENTUM forum to talk with other users of the WW MOMENTUM program, I get irked that so many posts are by those using POINTS PLUS trying to convert us of the error of our ways.

As a Buddhist I get it from the Christians, and now getting it from the PP people is just pushing my buttons.

Sorry to be so testy, but I am not having a good month.

One good thing-I discovered WASA bread which is low in points and really crunchy.

ps. I am not trying to start a flame war, I apologize to anyone in advance if you take personal offense. Its just so hard to care about what you eat when your world is falling apart.
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