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I've had a lot of practice at refusing to meet other people's unreasonable expectations of me, but I forget that I have to refuse to meet MY unreasonable expectations of me.

The difficulty, I find, is when you start internalising those expectations from other people. A lot of my unreasonable expectations of myself are built on those, although I can cook up plenty on my own as well.

As for the modified exercise classes intended for elderly and disabled people, those almost always mean just elderly, and no one wants to think of themselves as elderly when they really are, let alone at our age, so no wonder you didn't join them. But you're right, it would probably be a better option.

I get cocky as well, we all do. How do you think I set off this blasted RSI (which is nearly better, by the way, thanks proper rest and getting rid of the mouse)? I found a nice new quilting technique, a fairly easy one which produces fast results, and went a bit mad with it. This was over two months ago, and I haven't been able to pick up a needle since. I am, as my beloved trenchantly observes, a proper daftie. It's a good thing we have fabulous partners to help keep us from dashing over the metaphorical cliff, isn't it.

I started an "exercising with obstacles" thread as threatened in the Dieting With Obstacles forum. Hop over and we can cheer each other on for staying within our limits? And meanwhile, REST, woman! I am rather suspicious of this airy plan to go swimming tomorrow. Promise me that if you wake up feeling like crap, you'll stay at home?
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